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Aevius Launches BVLOS Drone Air Monitoring in South America

Aevius - America's leading environmental drone consultancy - has launched BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) air monitoring operations in South America to better serve its oil and gas clients throughout the Amazon rain forest region. Featuring technologies such as miniaturized gas sensors, hydrogen fuel cells for extended flight times, satellite communications, and advanced sense-and-avoid technologies, Aevius drones allow companies and regulatory agencies to remotely monitor up to 40 different gases around refineries, pipelines, and other critical energy infrastructure.

While BVLOS flights in America are currently restricted by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), Aevius will use the technology developed in less restrictive regulatory environments abroad to enhance the safety and effectiveness of future planned BVLOS flights stateside as regulations evolve.

Aevius offers flight services, FAA consulting, on-site training, and in-house drone program development in all 50 states and worldwide.

scentroid dr1000 air monitor gas sensor dji drone

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