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Aevius Assists Hurricane Harvey Oil & Gas Response in TX and LA

With Harvey knocking major petroleum infrastructure offline in the Houston area and spiking gasoline prices 50 cents/gallon or more along the entire east coast of the United States virtually overnight, top oil and gas companies immediately deployed Aevius Rapid Response drone crews to assist in getting refineries and pipelines back up and running.

The powerful Aevius fleet includes the very latest in weatherproof unmanned aerial platforms and sensors engineered to safely map and inspect critical refinery infrastructure, pipeline right-of-ways, drainage basins, and other critical assets necessary to restart production and transportation of the nation's petroleum products. Our expert pilots ensured all operations were in full compliance with the biggest FAA TFR since 9/11.

Our hearts and prayers remain with those affected by Harvey and Irma. We look forward to continuing to assist recovery efforts in any way we can.

drone hurricane harvey houston

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