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More companies every day are switching from
an in-house UAV program to Aevius. Here's why.
The Aevius Advantage
A best-in-breed pilot crew.
Anywhere, any time.


Fully vetted, fully-insured, expertly-trained pilots


Comprehensive insurance and full compliance with your company's liability requirements


FAA 333 Exempt and Part 107 certified


Thousands of hours of stick time with both UAVs and passenger aircraft


The very latest in technology and techniques


Partners with the leading UAV manufacturers


Experts in the changing regulatory landscape and FAA regulations


In-depth knowledge of your local airspace and restrictions


Full SOPs, airport/passenger aircraft radio traffic protocol, and ground/bystander safety protocols


Software easily integrated into your existing company software

All equipment meticulously maintained

In-house Drone Program
The hidden costs:

Your company is liable for any incidents resulting from a flight


Part 107 training and certification


Recruitment and flight training of pilots


Education about tools and techniques


Significant equipment costs, with the possibility of your fleet becoming obsolete in a few months

Equipment maintenance and service


Navigation of an ever-changing regulatory environment


Creation of best practices - SOPs, passenger aircraft radio protocol, and ground/bystander safety protocols

Continuing education programs


Insurance sourcing and compliance

Software integration

Potential setbacks due to inexperience

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